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 "Thanks Ralph and Liz, it was really great working with you guys. Both of you were so flexible and easy to work with throughout the shoot. Both me and my husband, liked your approach of meeting us, prior to the shoot and giving us the opportunity of getting to know you and your shoot preferences. It helped us build that comfort level and we never felt like we were clicked by a complete stranger.

We liked your suggestions on the attire and colours, as initially I was struggling and spent the whole weekend looking for a dress to pull-out for the shoot. We wanted a location where we could have both sky-tower and a beach in the back-drop, you emerged as a great help in suggesting the locations as-well which turned out to be fabulous and exotic and we really appreciate them.

You made us feel so comfortable and natural during the shoot with all your witty jokes that we never felt like actually posing; the shoot was so much fun and went so smooth.

Last but not the least, in fact the most important part of the shoot – the output, the actual pictures, they are an amazing piece of work. Loved each of them truly. Some of my friends went crazy after looking at the pictures and it was so much fun.

You are definitely going to do the future shoot for us, whenever, and  highly recommend you for any type of shoot".

PS: You have already won some fans 🙂

Rahul & Su

"When it came to wedding planning time, it was the photography that I was most picky about. These photos will last a lifetime and I really wanted them to be special. Ralph and Liz went above and beyond to capture our special day. From the morning right until the end of the night they had their eyes open to capture special moments in the most incredible ways. Ralph helped out to scout an area for our photoshoot and made us feel comfortable during the shoot, even though the weather wasn’t in our favour, all our photos turned out amazing. Will definitely recommend Ralph for any future events".

Phanuel & Sandra

"Ralph and his team were absolutely amazing! My husband and I could not be any more happier with their work. They're friendly and funny and captured our wedding day beautifully! They blended into the crowd so easily and we barely noticed they were around taking the photos. Looking at our wedding photos really brings back memories from our day which makes it so special for us. We love your work Ralph, you guys are awesome!"

Hayden & Andrea

"Ralph and his team arrived early on our wedding day to capture the whole wonderful day. It was lovely to see how well they got on with the whole family and friends. They all had a great eye for details. Ralph and Liz were more than just our photographers but part of our wedding party, staying with us till late at night. We loved the whole day (obviously) and Ralph and his team captured our special moments fantastically. They worked all day with us with such excitement and professionalism that we have no difficulties in recommending them to anyone who is looking for a professional engagement/wedding photographer. Thank you once again."

Alistair & Nicola

"My husband and I are so happy to have had Ralph and Liz as our photographers for our wedding day. They are very easy to work with making you feel at ease and more comfortable during photo shoots. They have a great eye for detail and their creativity is definitely reflected in the work they produce. One of the things that I really appreciated from them was that there was great communication pre and post wedding and you were always in the loop for everything. Not only do we enjoy looking through our photos but many friends and family have commended them. Thank you once again Ralph and Liz for beautifully capturing our special day!"

Alistaire & Kristle

"We are so lucky to have Ralph and Liz as our photographer. The entire photo shoot is unforgettable, the most epic experience we had was when we were shooting at Whakapapa, with knee high snow and some rain, Ralph and Liz took the most amazing photos with their fingers freezing!! The 2nd day of the photoshoot is supposed to happen around Taupo, but the rain was so bad so we decided to head to Rotorua and it went very well, as if it was meant for us to do the shoot at Redwoods! Me and my fiancé is so excited for our wedding day as we know Ralph will take amazing photos on the big day".

Nikko & Alexa

"Ralph and Liz are simply the best in their craft. It was never our intention to hire a professional photographer for our wedding, but upon weighing the pros and cons we decided to give it a shot. Ralph was referred by Jet from Jetmo Project (our wedding videographer). Our first meeting seemed to be a catch-up among old friends who haven't seen each other in a while; and that was the deciding factor. Finding a photographer who is great at what he does is a plus, but finding someone who will actually make you comfortable on your big day (without talking over or intimidating you) is a must; and that's what Ralph and Liz are all about." 

Gelo & Kay

"Thanks Ralph Bella for the timeless piece of work, you are such a gifted artist. We will forever treasure your creativity. We loved every photo and details you have put together. You are fun to work with and you indeed have an eye to capture the most precious celebrated moments . We strongly recommend your work and we believe you will go very far".

Eddie & Angela

"Ralph Bella is a great photographer! My fiance and I have never done a photo shoot before but he made the whole experience very comfortable and fun! The pictures turned out amazing and we can't wait to do another one with this company! Highly recommend them!"

Tanzim & Samantha

"We are just so lucky to have worked with Ralph and Liz on our engagement shoot in NZ. The results are incredibly beautiful. He helped us scout some good locations and I must say, all are worth it. I highly recommend Ralph and the team to my friends and whoever needs help capturing wonderful memories. Keep up the good work and we wish you more success in life."

Ronald & Jo